Jay Bird (Aanimkii Giishigadoon) and his wife who is also his assistant, Sweetie (Ozawaa-Aanimkii-Binesikwe, Yellow Thunderbird Woman) will be offering traditional Ojibway Teachings throughout these 5-week courses. This is a rare opportunity as these teachings are being offered outside of Ojibway communities. Jay and Sweetie believe in giving back to their communities by offering support, healing and ceremonies. The proceeds from these courses allow their work in the communities to continue.

Jay will be sharing the truth of the origin of the teachings, and teaching both cultural and spiritual practices for everyone. Some of what you will learn will include ceremony and practices from before colonization. You are invited to enroll in this course to build on your spiritual foundations, shift your life, deepen your relationship to the Earth and Spirit and walk as a caretaker of Mother Earth.

Life on the Red Road
With Jay and Sweetie Bird
Mondays Beginning January 22nd, 2024
4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 1am CET